The Top 6 Places to Drink in Barcelona

Barcelona has no shortage of places where you can enjoy a few drinks in inspired surroundings.

Start your night at a tapas bar. Taverna Blai Tonight is a great spot, and its pintxos will fill you up for the long night ahead.

If you love gin, then step inside L’Entresòl for an expertly mixed cocktail. You can choose from a sizeable drinks menu, with the gin and tonic mixed with tea among the most popular options.

If you want to go to a down to earth and wallet-friendly place, try Bar Ramon. With an outstanding lineup of tap beers, tasty tapas, and great music, you’ll be surprised at the value you’ll get for your money.

Piscis should be next on your list. A colourful bar with an interesting décor, red lighting and comfy sofas, the quirky interior is enough to justify your visit. The cheap beer and modern music are also great though.

If you’re looking to sample absinthe while you’re in Barcelona, there’s no better place than Absenta. With a friendly atmosphere, weird and wonderful décor, and plenty of craft beer to complement the absinthe, Absenta is a fabulous place to spend the evening and create some great memories.

If you love rock and roll music then Psycho is a must-visit. There are walls plastered with stickers and posters of bands such as The Who and Motörhead, and a great feel to the place. It has a beefy sound system, and there’s the possibility of running into musicians after major concerts.