Where to Find Good Snacks and Cheap Food in Barcelona

There are some great places to eat for cheap in Barcelona, and plenty of deals to be found across the city.
If you’re looking for a tapas bar that won’t empty your wallet, then head to somewhere like Gata Mala. You can try a different homemade tapas with every drink that you order. Starting at €1.50, it’s a great way to sample different bites without spending lots of money.

Mas Mariassa offers gourmet versions of Catalan dishes like trixat at a very reasonable price. It uses local ingredients, and is perfect if you want to explore the food native to the region.
Sometimes, you just need a burger for lunch. When that happens, go to Bacoa. Although it’s grown into a local chain, it still focuses on making its burgers from local ingredients as well, and charges prices that won’t blow your budget.

If you’re going to grab a snack from a street vendor, don’t miss the churros. A strand of dough that’s fried and then coated in sugar, it’s a specialty of street vendors such as Churrería Layetana. Found in the barrio of El Born, they’re a local favourite at night or in the morning.

If you’re at the beach, there are plenty of chiringuitos where you can have a quick bite to eat. Head to La Guingueta de la Barceloneta for great value. Despite the cheap prices, the food is still a really good standard, and the patatas bravas are highly recommended.