Tobago – Weather

Tobago enjoys a tropical climate with plenty of sunshine throughout the year and just a few brief showers of rain. Due to being near to the equator, the weather in Tobago gives consistent high temperatures and warm weather all year round.

Temperatures in Tobago are highest between June and December, which is during the wet season. The average temperature is around 30°C and it’s very hot and humid. The tropical sunshine gives plenty of opportunities to relax on the white-sand beaches and do some sunbathing. Most of the rain falls during this season and the island expects 3,800mm of rainfall throughout the year. The southwest region is considerably drier than the north, with an annual rainfall of 1,250mm.

The best time to visit Tobago for less rainfall is during the dry season when things are a little less humid and the chance of rain is a lot smaller. Temperatures are still very high, with a daily average of 30°C between January and May and highs of 32°C.

Tobago weather is tropical, which means it’s also vulnerable to potential hurricanes and tropical storms. Although serious storms are rare, it’s still a very real possibility and something you should consider when planning your holiday to Tobago.

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