Tobago is an independent island, part of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, it is located northeast of Trinidad and southeast of Grenada. It may only be 26 miles long and 8 miles wide, but this small island certainly has lots to see and do. The beaches are some of the island’s main attractions as there are plenty for you to spend hours soaking up the sunshine but many people come to explore Tobago’s rich history, culture and biodiversity.  Tobago is the place to go and take it easy, as it has a calm and relaxed atmosphere throughout the whole island, but you’ll soon see why Tobago is so popular amongst explorers, divers and wildlife watchers.

Beautiful beaches
You’ll definitely feel you’re in a tropical paradise on Tobago’s beaches. They are truly stunning with white or golden sands and warm waters, fringed by palm trees and other lush greenery. Tobago has so many beaches that it is impossible to visit them all on one holiday to the island. There are some secluded and isolated, and there are some that are well-known with lots going on, no matter how much of a favourite some of the beaches are with tourists, they all remain fairly quiet and unspoilt.

Natural beauty
Tobago is a nature lover’s paradise as it is surrounded by all kinds of natural beauty. It’s home to hundreds of species of birds, wildlife and marine life including dolphins and endangered turtles, making it a prime location for animal spotting. The sea waters are so clear that you can easily see the colourful fish and coral reefs underneath, perfect for diving and snorkelling.  It is also surrounded by plants and flowers and has the largest protected rainforest in the western hemisphere.