Playa Del Carmen – Weather

Playa del Carmen is a warm destination all year round so you’re guaranteed to experience great weather on your holiday. On average, the sun shines for 250 days each year with temperatures peaking between December and April with highs above 30°C. If you want to beat the winter blues, it’s a great way to do it and enjoy soaking up warm sunshine at the same time.

The dry season is from November to May, which has the least rainfall of the year with fewer rain storms and warm temperatures. The average temperature in December is around 19°C that steadily rises to 21°C in March and 25°C by May. Humidity levels are low in the dry season, which makes the heat more bearable and enjoyable. The weather in Playa del Carmen is at its best at this time of year with just 17mm of rain per month and warm sea temperatures of 26°C. The sun shines for eight hours that increases to 10 hours by the end of spring, giving you plenty of time to sightsee and sunbathe on the beach.

Playa del Carmen weather gets a lot damper in the wet season, which runs from June to October. Temperatures in Playa del Carmen are very high and often reach 33°C in July and August. Heavy downpours are a regular occurrence with 173mm of rain in June and September. July is also wet with around 156mm of rain spread over the month that rises to 164mm in August.

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