Swimming with Dolphins

A once in a lifetime opportunity to swim with dolphins is one of the many exciting and memorable activities available in the Playa Del Carmen resort. You can choose to interact with these amazing marine creatures from a boat trip in the Caribbean waters or a dolphin experience at one of the local marine parks. The environments are almost identical to the natural marine habitats and the dolphins will amaze you with their acrobatics, speed, tricks and body boarding skills as you ride across the park powered by a dolphin foot push manoeuvre.

Considered to be one of ‘man’s best friends’ these marine animals will join you in a hug, kiss or polite handshake as you immerse yourself in the experience. Don’t forget to snap pictures of yourselves in the waters and enjoy the special moments spent with friends and family around you. For comfort, ease and flexibility many of the experience days offer transfers from your hotels and will provide a buffet lunch and drinks as part of a package day.