Indian Rupees are the currency in Goa. The Indian Rupee cannot be taken out of India, so you have to buy your travel money when you arrive. This can be done at Dabolim airport, but the rates will not be generous so only change as much as you need for your first day or so. After that, we advise you pop to a bank or licensed exchange bureau to get cash out during the rest of your holiday. You can also use ATMs to access Goa currency and because Goa is an established holiday resort these are easy to find. Be cautious about using your regular debit or credit card, though, since these often have hidden fees for purchases and cash withdrawals. Many travellers find a pre-paid travel card (such as Lyk) offers the convenience of a debit card without the hidden charges. A Lyk card is accepted in larger shops or restaurants and at many ATMs, but most places deal in cash.

Currency in Goa is in notes or coins. The notes are issued in 1Re, 5Rs, 10Rs, 20Rs, 50Rs, 100Rs, 500Rs and 1,000Rs. Coins are in 5Rs, 2Rs, 1Re, 50 paise, 25 paise and 10 paise, although it is unusual to see smaller denomination coins. When exchanging money ask for a range of notes. As well as making it easy to tip, a variety of currency means you can indulge enthusiastically in the sport of market-place haggling.

Rupees cannot be taken out of India, so keep track of how much you withdraw. It is possible to change money back into sterling at the airport if you do find you’ve got too much currency left over, or you could give your hotel housekeeper an extra generous tip for looking after you.

If you’ve got any questions about Goa currency, then just pop into one of our stores, give us a call, or use our live chat service.