Explore the Green Grotto Caves

Runaway Bay is in a fantastic location to explore some of Jamaica’s most beloved attractions, including the spectacular Green Grotto Caves.

 About the Green Caves

This underground phenomenon is made up of chambers, tunnels, and grottos that are thought to be approximately half a million years old. The caves have huge historical significance to the island and have had many uses over the years, like storing the island’s rum! It’s also believed that they provided shelter for Jamaica’s first inhabitants, the Tainos.

Once a hideout for colonialists

The Green Grotto Caves, which get their name from the green algae that grows on the walls, overlooks an underground lake with flawlessly clear water. These were once used as a hideout by Spanish colonialists seeking to protect themselves from British forces. You may even recognise them from the eighth James Bond film ‘Live and Let Die’, where they were also used as a hideout for the evil Dr Kananga.

See the amazing stalagmites and stalactites at the Green Grotto Caves

Take a guided tour of the specially-lit caves to learn more about their history and see dramatic rock formations. Check out the impressive stalagmites and stalactites, which have formed very gradually over many thousands of years and seeing this will make you feel like you’re on another planet. The spectacular limestone creations are made by the flowing underground lake.

Getting to the Green Grotto Caves

The Green Grotto Caves are located at the Discovery Bay; this can be reached from Montego Bay by heading west towards Ocho Rios. You’ll find the attraction about five minutes after you pass Puerto Seco Beach. The caves are within easy reach of Ocho Rios’ hotels and resorts, too, so you can easily spend the afternoon here without having to worry about taking a long journey back.

Practical information

You’re recommended to bring trainers with you to the Green Grotto Caves, as there’s quite a lot of walking. Children are also welcome to come along, although they must be aged four and above to join the tour. You’ll also find a variety of light snacks and drinks available on site, as well as a souvenir shop, where you can buy a gift for your loved ones.

Other places to explore near the Green Grotto Caves


The Outameni Experience

If you’re keen to find out more about the history of Jamaica, then don’t forget to visit the Outameni Experience, a former plantation with costumed actors telling the story of the island’s past. In Trelawny, close to Falmouth, the attraction is made up of six enchanting villages, which represent different groups that have played important roles in the history of the nation. Wander through the site and you can watch traditional dances such as the dancehall and flamenco; on a site that was originally the Orange Valley Sugar Estate, established in the late 18th century.

H’Evans Scent

If you’re after an adrenaline rush, you could head to H’Evans Scent after visiting the Green Grotto Caves. Ride on the zip-lines, go paintballing, or hop on the Screamer ride where you’ll rise high into the sky. Brace yourself for this last ride, though, because once you’re up in the air you’ll feel like you’ve been lifted miles above the ground! Then, whenever you’re feeling a little peckish, head to the restaurant for a traditional Jamaican lunch while you listen to some live music. This is a great day out for families looking for an alternative to the beach and hotel pool.