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Montego Bay weather is warm and sunny for most of the year with high temperatures and consistent sunshine. Located in Jamaica, Montego Bay is known for its inviting beaches, natural beauty and hot climate. Summer is one of the most popular times to visit because the weather in Montego Bay is very hot with highs of 33°C in August and a daily average of 29°C. At night, it’s still very warm with lows of 24°C. Swimming is a fun pastime in the summer and with an average water temperature of 29°C, the sea is ideal for a relaxing swim in the afternoon. The region enjoys 11 hours of sunlight a day with 60mm of rain in July and 110mm in September.

Temperatures in Montego Bay remain high throughout autumn. Daytime averages are between 26°C to 30°C in October and November, so you won’t escape the heat when you visit at this time of year. Temperatures usually don’t fluctuate much over the year and winter weather in Montego Bay is also very hot. From December to February, you can look forward to highs of 29°C and a daily average of 25°C.

The hot and sunny weather lasts through spring with at least nine hours of sunshine per day. You’ll need to wear plenty of suncream as the UV levels are high year-round. There isn’t much rain either with less than 12 days of rainfall per month.

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