Bavaro – Weather

With idyllic views and fantastic weather year-round, Bavaro is a perfect holiday destination. Enjoy the warm sunshine and clear blue skies of Bavaro’s Caribbean climate, which features two defining seasons.

The wet season is from May and November, with high temperatures lingering around 28°C to 30°C. Bavaro sees most of the yearly rainfall during the wet season and the chance of a hurricane or tropical storm is higher in August and September. Bavaro weather is generally hot and humid at this time of year with 10 to 12 rainy days each month. Showers are usually brief but heavy, so make sure to keep an eye on the forecast before heading to the beach and pack an umbrella to be extra safe. Hurricane season is from June to November, but you shouldn’t worry too much as a direct hit is very unlikely.

Winter is known as the dry season and runs from December to April. The temperature in Bavaro is around 25°C with highs of 27°C. There are less than eight rainy days a month, so you can leave the umbrella behind and concentrate on soaking up the hot Caribbean sunshine. Cooling trade winds blow over the island and help to control humidity levels and temperatures during the winter months. It’s still rather hot, but it’s a comfortable heat. The sea is warm year-round, with an average temperature of 27°C.

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