Situated on the Dominican Republic’s beautiful east coast, Bavaro is the quieter alternative to Punta Cana. The small town has luxurious hotels to stay in and a huge 10 kilometre stretch of pure, white sand to relax on each day. Bavaro is the perfect destination for families, groups and couples who want to escape to a Caribbean paradise of coconut palm trees, tropical jungles and colourful, coral reefs.

Excellent beaches

The beach is Bavaro’s most talked about attraction and arguably the best beach on the whole island. The powdery, white sand is adorned with tropical palm trees that look like it’s straight off a postcard. The peaceful setting is made even more comfortable with sun loungers and straw parasols for you to relax under and with beachside bars and cafés; a delicious cocktail is never too far away. Lay back and take in the spectacular views of the glistening, crystal clear sea. Nearby there’s also the opportunity to enjoy a variety of water sports, from jet skiing, paragliding, windsurfing and snorkelling.

History and culture

Famous explorer, Christopher Columbus, first discovered the Dominican Republic in 1492, which now shares the island of Hispaniola with neighbouring Haiti. Bavaro was originally designed to be a home for the large amount of tourist employees that worked in Punta Cana, but the pristine, sandy shores couldn’t be kept secret for long as hotels were soon built. Holidaymakers soon began to flock to the serene setting to experience the laid back island life.

Vibrant nightlife

The upbeat resort of Bavaro has both a laid back atmosphere and a choice of entertaining nightlife for you to experience. Enjoy a delicious meal and sip on a fruity cocktail or cold beer in one of the beachside bars and take in the stunning views of the sunset. The nightlife on the island typically starts later than expected, but the bars and clubs open until the early hours. Enjoy a live band in one of the popular music bars and dance until the sun comes up.