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The weather in Varadero is influenced by its position on the northeastern coast of Cuba. As expected, Varadero weather has a sub-tropical climate with the hottest months being August and September. There is a dry season and wet season, which may help you decide when is the best time for you to visit the destination.

The hot dry season begins in November through April, with temperatures reaching 24°C at the start of the season. Since it’s the dry season, it’s no surprise that there isn’t much rainfall with an average of 10mm to 20mm per month.

Temperatures in Varadero continue to climb throughout the wet season with highs of 31°C in September. At night, temperatures drop to the high-teens and low-20s, which is still very warm and enjoyable. You’ll need to prepare for heavy downpours scattered throughout the season with around 40mm of rainfall per month.

The Caribbean Sea brings cooling winds to Varadero throughout the year, which helps monitor temperatures and stop them from rising too high. Humidity levels are around 85% in the wet season, which can make the weather feel quite sticky and uncomfortable at times.

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