Saturno Cave

1. Saturno Cave

Immerse yourself in Cuba’s natural beauty with a refreshing dip at Saturno Cave. Known by the locals as ‘La Cueva de Saturno’, it’s just a short journey from Coral Beach and close to Vía Blanca, making it the perfect place to round off a relaxing day in the sunshine.
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2. Cueva de Saturno

Cueva de Saturno’s direct translation to English is ‘Cave of Saturn’. It’s situated one kilometre south of the Via Blanca and is one of Varadero’s top tourist attractions.
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4. Delfinario

Swimming with dolphins must be the most frequently appearing desire on people’s buckets lists all over the world. But on your holiday to Varadero, you can make that dream a reality.
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You won’t be short of things to do in a resort the size of Varadero. Apart from all the incredible beaches that are drawing you in with their captivating beauty, there are plenty of other activities to experience too. That’s if you can drag yourself away from them.

Above ground, Varadero has some breathtakingly beautiful and lush parks to explore, such as Hicacos Point Natural Park and Parque Josone. But venture deep into the underground and you can witness some of the mesmerising natural caves that the resort is famous for. One of the most popular of which is Cueva de Saturno, where visitors can take the plunge and snorkel in the invigorating fresh water.

But that’s not all that’s on offer. There are a number of different water sports that you can try your hand at whilst still enjoying the beaches. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to swim with dolphins or really delve into the Cuban culture on a day trip to Havana.