Maspalomas Oasis Club

This delightful complex is located on the outskirts of Campo International, lying just 2.5 km away from the dune beach of Maspalomas. Guests will find themselves just 4 km away from the centre of Playa del Ingles and just 100 metres away from links to the public transport network. The airport is about 25 minutes' drive away. The bungalows are beautifully designed and feature modern amenities for added comfort and convenience. This charming complex offers guests a veritable home away from home. Guests can enjoy a leisurely swim in the pool, as the little ones splash nearby plus a host of activities, including table tennis, beach volleyball, bocce and billiards.

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Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

Address: 35100, Avenida de T.O. air Marín, S/N, Maspalomas, Canary Islands

Phone: +34928145555


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Brilliant Value For Money

Jun 2022 | Burntspam

The whole team were extremely friendly and helpful throughout our whole stay. The cleaning standards are not very thorough in the rooms, but the restaurant and bar area were excellent, and the food provided was fresh and well presented. Most of the waiters are great characters who are very attentive. The location is directly next to a taxi rank, so mobility is simple. A fantastic holiday that was only enhanced by everyone at Oasis Club.

Rowdy School Children

Jun 2022 | W4025OCchrisg

I came here with my daughter for well earned rest, I choose Bungalow Maspalomas Oasis club as I read it was quiet and a relaxing place… we had some delays so we arrived in the evening just after the restaurant closed.. The Man at the reception desk was very friendly and helpful he explain we were to late for the evening meal but they had put a sandwich and some fruit with water in our room so that was great… the bungalow was dated but very clean and the mattress very comfy which makes a change. The 1st full day was also good, until late afternoon when a group of School children turned up, they were very loud running around knocking into people they had no respect at all and the teachers in charge didn’t care and this went on until about midnight, the next morning another group of children came then another then another then another this went on all that day, I was told there where 300 children and that it was a basketball event and all the teenagers had come from different islands to take part.. there were some older people that were unsteady on their feet and they was finding it really difficult, one man while trying to sunbathe was getting drink flicked at him.. in the restaurant it was like eating your food in a noisy school dinner hall it was so loud you could not even have a conversation the food had been changed to cater for the children the table place mats and cutlery had all been removed and you had to collect it yourself the food had been touched and picked at and put back by some of the children and again not one teacher had words with them.. This went on for 4 days and I understand that they have to go somewhere but the oasis club should have told us or warned us so we had the chance to make other arrangements… and for this reason I would not return to the bungalow Maspalomas oasis club just in case this happened again.

Your not allowed gay sex in masapalomas oasis club!!!

May 2022 | trixiew2019

Hi all I’m currently lying on my bed in 213 I’ve stayed here for past 7yrs and the only reason I’ve come back to this hotel is simple all my friends stay here as it’s cheap well I say cheap I paid £1000 for me and my partner to stay all inclusive and after being away for covid and experiencing other hotels I’ve realised this place is a joke they tell you when and what you can drink and eat I know this is the definition of all inclusive but my point is that during the day from lunch only the soft drinks dispenser is covered with towels and the only options to drink til 12 is coffee and fruit juice they don’t allow soft drinks with breakfast or indeed any soft drinks until the bar opens now call me argumentative but I don’t drink coffee and don’t like fruit juice out of a machine that’s covered in flies so the only option for me is the soft drinks machine but when I took the towel off it to get a soft drink I was shouted at and humiliated in front off entire restaurant and when I asked if soft drinks were included in my all inclusive he said yes but explained they like to keep machine clean for lunch and that was the only reason they won’t let any customers who have paid all inclusive have soft drinks until lunch they kept reminding me the bar opens at 11 so I pointed out it was 8am and I should not have to wait 3hrs for a drink they told me it was my problem not there’s Also side note if you are single and looking to get lucky on holiday as most of the gays on our holiday are well look again they post a guard at the entrance all night and all my friends who tried bringing a guy back to their room were stopped and told only paying customers are allowed past reception as they could not allow non paying customers access to facilities this again in my opinion is wrong part of coming to gay pride is all my single friends can get drunk dance and yes shocking have sex Well not if staying in our hotel my friend did not accept this and tried sneaking a man over a fence tge security caught him and they threatened to call the police Also after many guest complained about the lack of fresh food at the restaurant they advertised a chef to cook fresh food this is a joke yes they have a chef but instead of cooking your eggs/omelette fresh he cooks 5/6 eggs in one go then leaves them on the side of grill without a heat lamp to go cold this applies to all meals ie 9 burgers cooked or 5 steaks this is not fresh and in my opinion no better than cooking 5eggs in the kitchen and leaving out like normal and my final point the staff!!!’ Ever since I’ve stayed here the staff have been rude ignorant and refused service as and when suits them yday I went to get a drink and the barman told me he was on siesta and I had to wait an hr this again is my own personal opinion but if I’ve paid for a service in advance I expect that service Long story short yes this place is cheap and ok but paying 1000 I expect better or at least them giving what they advertise and not being treated like a 6yr old my advice don’t stay at masapalomas oasis club look Around and especially now they charge extra for different rooms before this year it was any room now they want more to put people in higher rooms away from noise of maids and the staff speaking Spanish loudly from 6am Have fun be safe everyone Trixie x

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