Golden Sands – Weather

Golden Sands Resort weather is very warm and pleasant with over 300 days of glorious sunshine per year. Golden Sands is nestled in the Zlatni Piasatsi Nature Park on the northern Black Sea coast in Bulgaria. Wild boars roam the land and deer graze in the open fields, so have your camera ready but try not to disturb the wildlife too much.

The weather in Golden Sands Resort is generally good. Things begin to pick up in May, with an average temperature of 19°C that later rises to 30°C in the summer. There’s up to 12 hours of warm sunshine per day and 15 hours of daylight, giving you plenty of time to explore the natural beauty of Golden Sands.

The warm climate is perfect for the beachfront scene and summer is the ideal time for sunbathing. Cooler weather creeps in towards November when a cold wind blowing south from the north of Europe sends temperatures plummeting to just 6°C.

There isn’t much annual rainfall and June is actually the wettest month with three rainy days. Winter is generally dry with a very low chance of rain. Your main concern is staying warm, so make sure to pack a jacket and warmer layers for your visit. Golden Sands weather improves slightly by the time March arrives, with temperatures increasing to a daily average of 10°C and 3°C at night.

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