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Borovets is a winter wonderland with exceptional skiing conditions throughout the winter and early spring. The climate is cold and snowy for the most part with warmer weather arriving in the summer. Temperatures in Borovets range from lows of -8°C in winter with an average of 150 days of snow coverage each year. The icy weather lasts until March, giving you plenty of time to practice skiing on the slopes and exploring the town at night.

Temperatures in Borovets in spring are mild with an average daytime temperature of 11°C and lows of 6°C. On a good day, it can warm up to 14°C with up to 15 hours of sunlight per day. Gentle winds travel at just 4mph, helping to clear the clouds and bring clear blue skies to the region.

Weather in Borovets continues to improve towards the summer and the town enjoys an average temperature of 17°C. Rainfall is moderate with 100mm of rain spread over eight rainy days per month. The sun sets at 8.45pm, giving you up to nine hours of warm sunshine to enjoy a day.

Autumn brings cooler weather to Borovets with a daily average of 9°C and 11 hours of daylight throughout October and November.

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