The snowy mountainous resort of Borovets is the most popular winter destination in the region and recognised by avid skiers for its steep, winding slopes and stunning forests. With the clean brisk air, striking lakes and thousands of different flora, the picturesque setting is a real escape away from the busy strain of city life.

Natural beauty

The destination is not only popular for its snow sports but tourists are also drawn to the area for the beauty of the national forest. There are lots of routes and trails to spend the afternoon hiking, even in summer. Impressive lakes can be found hidden among the trees; a stunning sight to see is the Seven Rila Lakes that are an amazing azure colour. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to see the different species of animals in and among the trees, including red deer, wild boar and a small number of bears, foxes and wolves.

History and traditions

Borovets is located in the northern part of the Rila Mountains, in a picturesque valley at the foot of Mount Musala. The highest peak has an altitude of 1350 meters. The resort was founded over 100 years ago by past Bulgarian kings who liked the area so much they built a traditional hunting lodge and beautiful palace.

The resort is favourable among holidaymakers for the customs and rich Bulgarian traditions. Bulgaria is made up of beautiful villages hidden in cosy valleys. It’s not uncommon to be welcomed by the locals to join in an evening fuelled by hearty local food and delicious wine before participating in dances that are driven by lively, centuries-old music.

Vibrant nightlife

The buzzing resort of Borovets has an exceptional party atmosphere and loads of activities to keep you busy when the slopes are closed. Some call it ‘Ibiza on snow’ as a feel-good vibe flows from the illuminated valley when night falls. Most of the bars and pubs have a theme, so you can easily tailor your nightlife accordingly. For casual après drinks, head over to Harp Bar or Mamacitas where you can unwind in the wooden lodge and listen to live music. If you want to escape the chilly weather, warm up in The Titanic bar where you can enjoy a reasonably priced meal and a quick drink in a traditional log cabin.

For a wilder affair, gather your friends and sing your heart out at Black Tiger, whose extensive karaoke list will be sure to get you laughing. End your evening in Buzz Bar where you’ll be able to take to the floor and dance to the latest club classics.