Whatever time of year you visit Bansko you’ll find fun filled activities for every season. During the winter time it’s snow sports galore as you race down the slopes or glide walk the mountain on snowshoes. In the summer time you can take a safari around the countryside and visit the cultural sites and medieval towns.

1. Skiing in Bansko

Bansko has an unrivalled snow sports experience with a combination of mountain peaks, ancient history and modern facilities around the ski resort.
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2. Take a safari tour of Bansko

Experience the wildlife with a safari tour. Jump in a jeep and whizz around the mountains to the nature reserves, visit the bear sanctuary and hike along one of the beautiful nature trails.
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4. Try horse riding in Bansko

Get close to the beautiful Bansko countryside with a horse riding tour for a mountain adventure you’ll never forget. The well trained horses guide you up the southern slopes of Rila Mountain.
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