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Bali is just 8 degrees south of the equator and enjoys a hot, tropical climate all year round, with an average temperature of 30°C and typical humidity of 85%. The weather in Bali is always hot, it’s just a matter of how hot.

This popular island in Indonesia is well known for its vibrant ecosystem that supports a significant number of animal and plant species. The pay-off for this is of course rain. The weather in Bali can certainly be wet at times, with monsoon season typically running from November to March. You can expect the wettest weather from December onwards.

Most visitors aim to travel in the dry season, between April and October, and if you do the same, you should enjoy a good proportion of dry days for getting out and about and taking in those sights. Outside of the monsoon period, rain is fairly unlikely in lowland areas. Bali’s peak season in terms of the number of visitors is July and August, so you may want to think about travelling between April and May, before the peak season starts, or in September after it ends, to avoid the crowds while still dodging that monsoon period.

Being in the southern hemisphere, you’ll find that Bali’s seasons are the opposite way around to what you’re used to in the UK. Although the temperature doesn’t fluctuate by very much, this will affect the number of daylight hours you can enjoy when visiting Bali. July and August is actually Bali’s winter, with just six hours of sunshine, while summer comes in from January to March, with nine sunshine hours a day. July and August are also the driest months to visit Bali, with an average of just 40mm of rainfall. You’ll love the refreshing sea breeze that comes as evening falls, making temperatures drop and cooling things down just enough to keep you comfortable.

Sea temperatures are pretty much constant throughout the year in Bali, so any time you visit is a good time for scuba diving, shore swimming, snorkelling or even just a paddle with your little ones. You’ll love the 29°C temperature around your toes in January and February, while July and August is still deliciously warm, dropping only a couple of degrees.

On land, temperatures are similarly reliable, with highs of 32°C in April, falling no lower than a pleasantly warm 22°C in June to September. It means that if you don’t mind the rain, any time is the right time to take in Bali’s sights. Whether you’re hiking to ancient temples or seeking out the rice terraces, Bali will certainly deliver a warm welcome. But if you’re a beach lover, stick to the dry season and you’ll find that Bali’s a tropical paradise with beaches galore.

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