Skydiving Insurance Guide

  • Easily Add Sky Diving Cover
  • Great Value Sports Cover
  • Cover for 2 Tandem Jumps
  • Medical Cover & Hospital Benefit
  • Emergency Airlifting Covered

Tandem skydiving is among the most exhilarating of sports. While skydiving is a high risk sport, you can take steps to ensure your safety. You can do tandem jumps with qualified guides, and ensure your Adventure Holiday Insurance covers your jumps. Add Sports Grade 3 to your quote to be insured during skydiving with Thomas Cook.

Do I Need Specialised Cover for Skydiving?

For this high risk sport you need extra coverage. We classify skydiving as a Grade 3 sport. With our Grade 3 cover, you are protected for up to 2 tandem jumps per trip. Grade 3 cover automatically includes cover for Grade 1 and 2 (low and medium risk) sports.

How Am I Protected With Skydiving Insurance?

You receive maximum protection by adding Grade 3 sports cover and ensuring your policy also covers you for skydiving accidents. Policy benefits include:

What Precautions Can I Take While Skydiving?

Are There Amendments With Skydiving Cover?

With tandem skydiving classified as a high risk activity, the following amendments are in place:

Can We Help You?

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