Supplier changes

What is classed as an insignificant change?

If the supplier makes an insignificant change we will try and let you know as soon as possible. This could affect anything from your flight time (less than 12 hours) to the aircraft type right down to your hotel. If your accommodation needs to be switched, this is usually to a similar or better property. However, you will also be notified if there are any changes to carriers and services at your hotel.

What is classed as a significant change?

Occasionally, the supplier may have to make a significant change to any confirmed services. This could have a major impact on your flight time (more than 12 hours),  departure airport (except those within one of the airport groupings, for example, London airports) and your resort if you need to be moved to another place within the same destination.

You may also be moved to a different property to the one you originally booked. In terms of accommodation, this could mean staying at a hotel with a lower rating, a downgraded room, a major facility being removed/significantly reduced or a change to your board basis.

We will pass this information over to you as soon as we are made aware of any changes. If there is enough time before your departure, we will offer you the choice of a) accepting the change or b) rejecting the change and terminating your multi-contract package as well as receiving a full refund. You must tell us what you wish to do regarding your booking within 48 hours. If we don't hear from you within 7 days, we will assume you have accepted the change.