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Seat selection

On, we aim to provide seats suitable for your requirements. Seats can be booked in two ways:

When making your booking you can select seats or by logging into "My Account" and adding your booking.

Customers can discuss their requirements with our special assistance team who will reserve a seat that we consider is appropriate.
Any customers with reduced mobility will not be able to sit in an exit-row seat. If you’ve selected these via Manage My Booking, you will be re-allocated seats either at check-in or on-board the aircraft.

We have seats with lifting armrests, even on the aisle, to make boarding, de-boarding, and getting up during the flight easier for our passengers with severe mobility impairments who are completely unable to walk. These seats can be reserved free of charge for you and your attendant until up to two business days (48 hours) prior to departure.*

Type of assistance available on board an aircraft

The assistance Airlines can provide to disabled customers and customers with reduced mobility, includes the following:

Assistance moving to and from seats on the aircraft
Providing use of the on-board wheelchair on all flights operated by Thomas Cook Airlines – there is no requirement to pre-book the wheelchair
Helping a customer to and from the on-board lavatory providing this does not involve lifting or carrying the customer
Assisting a customer with their hand luggage on board the aircraft

Toilets on board

The size of the toilets on our aircraft vary depending on the model of aircraft you are travelling on. Whilst space is limited, on most of our fleet we’ve installed handrails in at least one of the toilets. This is to help customers with reduced mobility. Our Cabin Crew will be happy to help you to the toilet using the on-board wheelchair (if this is needed)and will also help you get in and out of the toilet. if you have any particular requirements, please advise our Call Centre team and we’ll do all we can to assist you.

Seating with harness

Thomas Cook Airlines have Crelling Harnesses (model 27) which can be used if requested in advance. These are available in three sizes: 27i age 3-5 years, 27a age 6-8 years and 27b age 9 - adult. Only one harness can be provided on any given flight.

You could also bring your own harness, this is also limited to one (in addition to the one provided by the airline).

Please note: If you require the use of a harness on a Condor aircraft (flight numbers starting DE or operated by DE) you will have to provide your own, which will need to be cleared for use.

Please let us know if you require use of a harness or intend to bring your own, as soon as possible through the Special Request form

If you require the use of a harness you will be allocated a seat in the last row of the aircraft at no additional charge.

Seat pitch

The seat pitch on Thomas Cook aircraft vary from 28 to 31 inches (in economy) depending on aircraft type or grade of seat purchased (other Airlines may vary).

The seat widths on Thomas Cook aircraft vary from 17 to 18.2 inches depending on aircraft type or grade of seat purchased (other Airlines may vary).


Stretchers are not carried on-board Thomas Cook Airlines flights.

Requesting assistance

If you or any member of your party require special assistance, please contact us at least 48 hours before departure free on: 0800 107 3409. Our opening hours are Monday to Saturday from 08:00 – 20:00.

We would recommend that if you are travelling within the next 5 days that you contact our Special Assistance team by way of telephone to discuss your requirements.

We can’t be held responsible if you don’t tell us about special requirements that will affect your holiday experience. If you don’t tell us then we won’t compensate you.