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Medical equipment and oxygen

Some medical equipment can be brought on board, but you’ll need to make sure it complies with the applicable airlines restrictions. The following information is based on flights operated by Thomas Cook Airlines (TCX flight numbers).

CPAP machines

Additional medical luggage allowance can be added free of charge for essential medical equipment. For this request to be actioned, we will need the following details of the device:

Make and model
Weight and dimensions (height width and depth),
A doctors letter or certificate of authenticity must be carried by the passenger along with the device

Dialysis machine

Additional luggage allowance can be added for carriage of a Dialysis Machine on flights operated by Thomas Cook Airlines and this is free of charge. To request this, we need the following details:

Make and model
Weight and dimensions (height width and depth)
A disclaimer form must be signed and returned to the Special Assistance Department
You are permitted to take an amount of fluid on-board sufficient for your journey to your destination. You will need to arrange for additional fluid to be delivered directly to your hotel/accommodation


Thomas Cook Airlines have Crelling Harnesses (model 27) which can be used if requested in advance. These are available in three sizes: 27i age 3-5 years, 27a age 6-8 years and 27b age 9 - adult. Only one harness can be provided on any given flight.

You could also bring your own harness, this is also limited to one (in addition to the one provided by the airline).

Please note: If you require the use of a harness on a Condor aircraft (flight numbers starting DE or operated by DE) you will have to provide your own, which will need to be cleared for use.

Please let us know if you require use of a harness or intend to bring your own, as soon as possible through the Special Request form

If you require the use of a harness you will be allocated a seat in the last row of the aircraft at no additional charge.

Medical baggage

Medical baggage can be requested free of charge, either as additional hand baggage (up to a maximum of 5kg per passenger over and above the standard 6kg already allocated) or as hold baggage.

Please note: medical baggage is anything that is medically essential. This includes equipment, nutrient requirements or medication which is necessary to maintain vital functions and/or ensure mobility. E.g. colostomy equipment and artificial limbs.

Oxygen concentrators

If you have a specific question please send us your request.

Please note that there is no electric main socket so any device will need to be battery powered and fully charged prior to departure. The battery duration must be able to last 150% of the flight duration. 


Important information and regulations:

Only one customer on a flight can use additional oxygen
On our aircraft Oxygen is delivered via an on-demand nasal cannula
We are currently able to provide Oxygen for children as young as 2 years old, providing they weigh at least 13kg


Taking your own additional oxygen

Unfortunately we cannot allow customers to travel with their own filled oxygen cannisters.

*A review of our Additional Oxygen service has taken place to see if we are meeting our customer’s needs.   It appears that the requirements, of our customers, using the oxygen varies considerably and therefore the decision has been made to stop the service from 1st November 2017. For those customers who have a confirmed booking the oxygen will still be provided. The option to use an FAA approved Oxygen Concentrator is still available which will meet all our customers’ requirements more adequately.

Requesting assistance

If you have a specific question or would like to book to book or take your own FAA approved Oxygen Concentrator on a flight Thomas Cook Airlines, please send us your request.

We would recommend that if you are travelling within the next 5 days that you contact our Special Assistance team by way of telephone to discuss your requirements. We can’t be held responsible if you don’t tell us about special requirements that will affect your holiday experience. If you don’t tell us then we won’t compensate you.