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Zante Car Hire


Zante Car Hire

Zante Car Hire


Zante Car Hire

Are there any local driving rules in Zante?

The interpretation of Greek driving laws, tend to vary slightly between the islands. As the roads in Zante can get busy, it’s important to remember the following:

  • Motorists drive on the right side of the road; vehicles coming from the right have right of way unless otherwise signposted
  • You can only use your horn in towns in cases of immediate danger

What’s the speed limit in Zante?

The speed limits in Zante are:

  • 50km per hour (30 mph) in built-up areas
  • 90km per hour (56 mph) on the highway

The speed limits can vary in other areas, but they are usually well signposted (Zante and the rest of Greece complies with internationally recognised traffic signs). 

The Inside Track

You can drive around Zante in about two hours, but it’s definitely not enough time to make the most of this stunning island.  Take time to exploreusing Zante town as your guide; all main roads head directly into town so there’s no need to worry if you struggle with your map reading skills. When heading across the island, you’ll either reach the coast or be directed to Zante Town making it very easy to navigate.

Driving to and parking in town is straightforward. You’ll find free parking along the main port road running alongside the harbour. Unlike many of the other main towns on the Greek islands, youwon’t have a problem with finding a spot. If you drive on past the centre, there are plenty of spaces at this end of the harbour. Wherever you choose to park, it’ll be free and within a short walking distance of the centre.

Tips for driving in Zante

  • Many of the roads can be narrow and winding, with low average speeds; always bear this in mind when planning routes as it’s likely your journey will take longer than you may think
  • Cars behind you that want to overtake will typically flash their lights to signal; pay attention to this and let them pass when you can
  • As is the case everywhere in Greece, look out for mopeds (especially those used by tourists)
  • Watch for pedestrians walking in the street in towns; often pavements are small or non-existent
  • Pay particular attention in Zante Town at night during the weekend. You’ll often spot plenty of revellers spilling into the street; familiarise yourself with the roads before driving in town at night as concentrating on the road should be your priority

Hiring a car with Thomas Cook…

With a great selection of cars available, choose your perfect vehicle with free theft protection (TP) and collision damage waiver (CDW).Choose Thomas Cook and make the most of exploring Zante.


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