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Lesbos Car Hire


Lesbos Car Hire


Lesbos Car Hire


Lesbos Car Hire

What’s the speed limit in Lesbos

As is the case with mainland Greece and the islands, the speed limit is:

  • 50km per hour (30 mph) in built-up areas
  • 90km per hour (56 mph) on the highway

Things to watch out for in Lesbos

Speed traps are used by local police a lot in Lesvos, especially when out of town on the longer stretches of road. You might also find you’ll be stopped for random checks, even if you’re driving at  the correct speed limit. With this in mind, make sure you always carry your car hire documents, passport and driving licence with you.

Outside of town you’ll probably also run into some other obstructions on quieter roads. There are many flocks of sheep and herds of goats roaming free on the island. During hot weather, the goats in particular gather in the shade under the trees; often in the road. They can also be moved by herders along the road so you’ll need to wait patiently if this happens.

Tips for driving in Lesbos

Here are some helpful tips when driving in Lesvos:

  • Most of the roads are in a decent standard compared to other parts of Greece; some of the coastal roads are steep and unsurfaced so always take your time with these and add extra time onto your journey
  • You’ll find that roads become very narrow as you go through the towns on the island; they’ll also become cobbled and start to wind up or down; it can be quite daunting your first time
  • Watch for pedestrians walking on the cobbled streets in the towns; often there aren’t pavements 
  • Take your time and relax. If animals are in the way then that’s fine; the slow pace of life is what Lesvos is all about

Hiring a car with Thomas Cook…

There’s a variety of cars available to suit your holiday requirements and budget.  With free theft protection (TP) and collision damage waiver (CDW), look no further than Thomas Cook for your car hire to make the most of your time in Lesvos. 

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