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Florida Car Hire

Alamo car hire with Fully Inclusive or Alamo Gold insurance is recommended and is available as an additional extra. Car hire needs to be booked to suit your parties requirements – the details on this page will help you choose the car and insurance package that is right for you. All cars are air conditioned with unlimited mileage, automatic transmission and radio as standard.

Insurance Types and Pricing

The table below is a quick reference guide to the insurance options for your car hire. Please read the Definitions and Additional Information section to find out more. The price of your car with Fully Inclusive or Alamo Gold insurance varies depending on the type of car you book and duration of rental.

It is important to have adequate cover to protect yourself against severe financial risk in the event of total loss of the vehicle, damage or accidents with a third party, especially as some US drivers carry little or no insurance. We offer car hire with Fully Inclusive or Alamo Gold insurance – we recommend upgrading to Alamo Gold for additional benefits including a free tank of fuel and up to three additional drivers. If you choose to upgrade in resort, this may be more expensive so we recommend you pre-book the insurance package to suit your needs. Pre-booking your car and insurance also allows you to budget well in advance and gives you valuable peace of mind knowing you won’t be met with numerous additional charges when you arrive.

Reference Table
What’s included & what’s extra for insurance packages in Florida
Approximate cost payable on collection unless shown as included Fully Inclusive Alamo Gold
Basic 3rd party liability insurance (up to $20,000 in Florida) Included
Extended protection (EP) – 3rd party liability cover up to $1million Included
Collision damage waiver (CDW)
Airport user fee Included
Florida state surcharge/local taxes Included
Free tank of fuel $20-$40 (depending on type of car)
Additional driver fees (min. age 25) $15 per driver per day
Under-age driver fees $25 per day
Sat-Nav/GPS From $8 per day
Child seats $6.99 per day
Toll roads From $3.95 per day
*Fees are subject to change. Based on car hire from Orlando International Airport.

Car Types

The below grid shows the maximum number of people and bags that each vehicle can accommodate. Please consider how much luggage you will have when choosing your car.

Car types & luggage limits
Car Car Type People Bags
Mitsubishi Mirage or similar
4 1 Large
1 Small
Nissan Versa or similar
5 1 Large
1 Small
Hyundia Elantra or similar
5 1 Large
2 Small
Full Size
Toyota Camry or similar
5 2 Large
2 Small
Nissan Maxima or similar
5 2 Large
2 Small
7 Passenger Minivan
Dodge Grand Caravan or similar
7 3 Large
2 Small
12/15 Passenger Van
Ford Transit Wagon or similar
12/15 2 Small*
Ford Mustang or similar
4 2 Small
Standard SUV
Hyundai Santa Fe or similar
5 3 Large
2 Small
*number of bags will depend on number of seats occupied (2 small based on 15 seats occupied).


Definitions & Additional Information

Extended Protection – Extended Protection is included with Alamo’s Fully Inclusive and Gold insurance policies at no extra cost. EP provides you with minimum financial responsibility limits (at no charge to you) as outlined in the applicable motor vehicle financial responsibility laws of the state where the vehicle is operated AND excess insurance provided by the insurance policy. This supplies you and any authorised drivers with third-party liability protection with a combined single limit per accident equal to the difference between the minimum financial responsibility limits referenced above and $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit per accident. EP will respond to third party accident claims that result from bodily injury, including death, and property damage that arise from the use or operation of the vehicle as permitted in the Rental Agreement. This is a summary only and is subject to all provisions, limitations, exceptions and exclusions of the EP policy. Upon request, a copy of the policy is available for review. EP may provide a duplication of coverage which you may have under a personal or other insurance policy, but we are not able to advise you on the adequacy of any other cover you may have.

Collision damage waiver – CDW relieves you of all responsibility for a collision and covers you for all damage to the hire vehicle up to its full retail value. There will be no excess to pay. Alamo will replace a vehicle unless your negligence has caused the accident or breakdown, or if you’ve broken the law. CDW does not cover you if the vehicle:

  • Is damaged when driven in a reckless manner or deliberately damaged
  • Is damaged when driven off road
  • Interior components are stolen/damaged when vehicle is unlocked/keys aren’t secure
  • Is in an accident, stolen or vandalised and the renter fails to report it to the authorities within the time specified in Alamo’s own terms and conditions (typically 24hrs)

Airport user/operating fees – this covers Alamo’s recovery fee to cover all or part of its airport expenses where it is an on-airport concessionaire. These fees are included in Alamo’s Fully Inclusive and Alamo Gold insurance packages.

Florida state surcharge/local taxes – anything you pay for locally will have a local sales tax applied of 6.5% so we recommend pre-booking any optional extras before travelling.

Fuel – your car will come with a tank of fuel. For customers with Fully Inclusive insurance, you can choose to simply return the car with a full tank or pay this up front at the time of rental – the charge for this will be based on mid-grade fuel. If you don’t return the car with a full tank, any missing fuel will be charged at a rate higher than the local garages to your credit card. If you have purchased Alamo Gold insurance, you get a tank of fuel free, so you don’t need to fill up before you return the car.

Additional drivers – there’s a charge of $15 per day for each additional driver payable locally subject to local taxes. Additional drivers must present a valid driving licence and meet minimum age requirements. Additional driver fees are included in Alamo Gold insurance packages.

Young driver surcharge – the minimum age for hiring a car in Florida is 21 years. Drivers under 25 years will also need to pay an additional young driver surcharge of $25 each per day plus taxes. You’ll need to pay Alamo a deposit of $100 a week. You can use cash or give them a credit card imprint.

Child seats – child seats are compulsory for under-6s and cost from $6.99 a day for each seat on arrival (subject to availability, payable locally). There is a maximum charge of $70 per car seat, per 30 day rental. You’ll be responsible for installing the infant/child seats and ensuring this is the right size for your child. You can use your own infant/child seat, but please check any baggage restrictions with your airline.

Sat Nav/GPS – there’s a charge of $8 per day for sat nav hire (subject to availability, payable locally). This can also be pre-booked.

Toll roads – there are numerous toll roads within Florida and across the USA. The renter is responsible for all charges incurred for using these roads. Customers have the option (where available) to pay $3.95 per day (maximum $19.75 per rental) for a Toll Pass Convenience Charge, so any tolls incurred on applicable roads during the rental will be charged directly to their credit card. The toll pass will only be charged for the days that the toll roads are used.

Optional Extras – Alamo offer a flexible policy on optional extras. If you opt for discretionary extras on arrival but then later decide you don’t want them after all, provided you return to the Alamo depot and tell them within 24 hours, they’ll remove the charge and you won’t have to pay a price for changing your mind (first 24 hours is non-refundable).

Important Information About Our Car Hire You Need To Know

Identification (Driving Licence & Passport) – a full valid driver’s licence and credit card in the name of the lead drivers name and passport need to be presented in order to be allowed to pick up the vehicle. The driving licence must be the original copy (photocopies not accepted).

Payment / Pre-Authorisation /Security Deposit – a valid credit card in the lead driver’s name: The driver must produce a valid credit card in their name with enough credit on it to cover any applicable excess charge. If the vehicle carries a zero excess or no additional items are required, a security deposit of $1.00 will be ring-fenced on the card to ensure the card is valid.

Please note: without CDW cover (explained above), Alamo will require you to produce a credit card with at least $1,500 available credit. Thomas Cook strongly recommends pre-purchasing one of its fully inclusive packages.

Returns: Alamo uses a 24–hour system. It means you need to return your vehicle by the same time as when you originally picked it up. Alamo will allow 29 minutes’ leeway on returns from the time you picked the car up on the first day of your holiday. If you exceed this 29 minutes’ grace period, you will be charged a further day’s rental at the local rate.

Minimum Age: The driver must be twenty-one (21) years of age to be allowed to hire the car (subject to payment of the Young Driver Surcharge for ages 21-24). Alamo Terms & Conditions: Full terms & conditions of your Alamo car hire can be found at; and FAQ’s can be found here:

At the time of collection you’ll be required to sign a rental agreement with Alamo. By signing, you accept Alamo’s terms and conditions. Please ensure that you read the rental agreement before signing, as this is a legally binding document. Any extension to the pre agreed rental duration is subject to availability, will carry a local charge and will be classed as a separate rental.

Alamo reserves the right to change local fees/charges without notice.

Tips When Driving In Florida

A car gives you total freedom to come and go as you please. Even if you’re not planning to explore, a car is useful for getting around, and it means you won’t be hanging around for public transport. Finding your way around by car is relatively simple as the roads are straight and all the attractions are well signposted. Here are a few more tips to help you when driving:

• Don’t forget to drive on the right.

• Carry your driving licence with you at all times in case you’re stopped.

• There are no roundabouts, but plenty of traffic lights at intersections. Unless signposted, you can turn right at a red light (after stopping and checking there is no traffic coming from your left). On a flashing red light, you can still turn right with caution.

• You can overtake, or be overtaken on the inside AND the outside – so check your mirrors. Never overtake a yellow school bus if it has stopped and its red lights are flashing!

• The speed limit is generally lower than the UK (between 20-40 mph in cities and usually between 55-70 mph on rural highways). These limits are strictly monitored by the local police – so beware!

• Seat belts are compulsory in the front seats. Children up to age 6 years must be strapped into an approved car seat.

• Drink driving should be avoided at all costs. If you need to carry alcohol, make sure it is in the trunk (boot).

• Some of the major attractions have rather large car parks, so remember to write down the exact location. Most rental cars look alike after a long day of sightseeing!

• Driving times featured are based on the average times between the two locations stated. Please allow extra driving times during congestion/busy peak periods.

• Please check with Alamo before leaving the depot, to see if there are any driving restrictions on your route.

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