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Club 18-30

About Club 18-30


Club 18-30 is what the summer is all about. Best mates. All in one place. No ties. No responsibilities. No work for a couple of weeks. Warm waters. Hot sun. Cool tunes. Great clubs. The ultimate holiday experience, for the people who need it most.

There comes a time in life when you need to do it for yourself. A time to break free and break the mould. To explore, leave the map at home and find yourself. To find that one moment and make it last a lifetime. That time is now. Sunrise to sunset. Sunset to sunrise. This is the time of your life. Love every single second of it.


Love the Days

Love the Days

The feel of sand under your feet, the gentle breeze in your hair and the summer sun on your face.This is what the days are all about. Hot weather, warm waters and cool vibes.

This is your holiday and we want to make sure that every day is one to remember. Loads of events, tons of action or a whole week of laying in the sun.

Love the Nights

Love the Nights

The sun goes down, the stars come out and the party begins. The nights belong to you. Sip cocktails at dusk, dance on the beach at midnight or party till the sun comes up. World-class line-ups, live music sessions and legendary night events - its all there for the taking. Do it all, do something you’ve never done before or do your own thing.

Love the Reps

Street Party

Club 18-30 reps are there to give you the best of everything. They’ve been there, done it & seen it all before. That means they have all the memories, experience and know-how to make your holiday one to remember.

Our reps are just like you – fun, adventurous, crazy & carefree. Use them as resort guides, for insider tips, big nights out, party planning or as another mate on holiday. It all depends on what you're looking for. You don't even have to use them at all. But remember, they know where it's at.

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