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You might be wondering, why bother jetting off in July when there’s a chance of some British sunshine? Well, we’ve all been there. Washed out BBQs. Festivals turned into mud baths. And plus, even a good stretch of mid-20s at home can’t compete with the Canaries’ scorching coasts or Turkey’s epic waterparks. Europe starts to get properly hot in July, so you don’t have to go far to get glorious weather. Here’s the lowdown on some of July’s hottest hotspots.

1. Croatia

weather in July

Average daytime high: 28°C

Sunshine hours: 10 hours

With long sunny days and soaring temps of around 28°C, Croatia is a top choice for a July holiday. In fact, this Game of Thrones filming spot is the sunniest it will be all year. Plus, July is when Dubrovnik kicks off its Summer Festival, packed with free live music and dance performances up and down its medieval streets. It’s prime time for watersports too, with the sea temps hitting a comfy 23°C.

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2. Tenerife

weather in July

Average daytime high: 27°C

Sunshine hours: 10 hours

Summers are very hot in Tenerife, with temperatures reaching 27°C in July. And this beach-studded island is just a four-hour flight away. You could be living large on the upscale sands of Costa Adeje or partying on the classic Brit fave, Playa de las Americas. Tenerife has it all. And no other waterpark holds quite the fame of award-winning Siam Park.

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weather in July

Average daytime high: 34°C

Sunshine hours: 13 hours

Chasing the kind of heat that has you jumping in the pool just to cool down? Turkey’s a no-brainer in July. It’s one of the hottest months of the year. Whether you’re soaking up the scorching 34°C rays in Lara Beach’s luxe resorts or at the epic waterparks. And those 200 Blue Flag beaches? Belek’s got a 16 km stretch, begging you to unwind.

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4. Fuerteventura


Average daytime high: 27°C

Sunshine hours: 9 hours

Fuerteventura's your spot for the most consistent sunny days and driest weather across all the Canary Islands. And it's a rain-free zone in July, with zero showers almost guaranteed. Temperatures soar up to 27°C. With 150 black and white beaches and cool volcanic views, it's the ultimate spot for sun, sea and adventure. Plus, you can tick Popcorn Beach off your bucket list.

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5. Crete


crete weather in July

Average daytime high: 29°C

Sunshine hours: 12 hours

Crete has the warmest weather in the whole of Greece. The island is a sun-seeker's paradise in July, with temperatures typically soaring to around 29°C. It's perfect for beach days and exploring ancient sites like Knossos without worrying about rain. Evenings are balmy, ideal for dining al fresco. Pack light and get ready for a Mediterranean summer adventure!

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