The Top 5 Hottest Destinations in November

There’s nothing more depressing than watching summer slip away from your grasp. It’s still dark when you get out of bed in the morning, there’s a nip in the air and you have to dig your chunky knit jumpers out the back of your wardrobe. But summer doesn’t have to end when the UK dictates it. It’s always sunny somewhere in the world! And here are 5 of the hottest destinations in November to travel to in order to get your fix of winter sun.

1) Turkey – Average highs of 20⁰C in November

Antalya enjoys a pleasant winter climate, with temperatures in November sitting comfortably around the 20⁰C mark. It also benefits from being just a 4 hour flight from the UK.  You can spend your time exploring the nearby historical sites or hunting for a bargain at one of the local bazaars. There are plenty of great golf courses in the area, but if you prefer to relax and unwind, be sure to indulge in some luxury spa treatment and experience a traditional Turkish bath .

2) Cyprus – Average highs of 22⁰C in November

Cyprus boasts a whopping 340 days of sunshine a year and offers a wealth of stunning beaches and ancient history. Temperatures in November regularly creep up to the mid 20s, making it the perfect conditions for a round of golf or a race around the Paphos Karting Centre. For a taste of Cyprus’ history, you can visit Aphrodite’s Rock, explore the ancient city of Amathus or navigate the underground Tombs of the Kings in Paphos, which date back to the 4th century BC.

3) Fuerteventura – Average highs of 24⁰C in November

The most peaceful of the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura’s average high temperature in November is a lovely 24⁰C. You could choose to relax on one of the 150+ beaches or take a dip in the waters and give wind surfing or kite surfing a go – something that the island is incredibly popular for, thanks to its pleasant sea breeze from Africa. Take a hike across the island’s volcanic landscape or venture further afield and enjoy a day trip to Lanzarote via the regular ferry crossing.

4) Tenerife – Average highs of 21⁰C in November

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and also the most popular, making it a bit livelier than its neighbour, Fuerteventura. The island has a warm year-round temperature and it rarely drops below 20⁰C in the month of November. There are some great beaches on Tenerife, including ones with the famous black, volcanic sand. You’ll never be stuck for things to do on Tenerife, especially with fantastic theme parks such as Siam Parque and the incredible Loro Parque.

5) Florida – Average highs of 25⁰C in November

Florida is home to a whole host of world-class family attractions, with Orlando boasting some of the best theme parks on the globe. Walt Disney World Resort is the no. 1 holiday destination in the world and gives little kids (and big kids!) the opportunity to meet their favourite characters and feel the adrenaline rush on the white-knuckle rides. Alternatively, Orlando and Miami are fantastic for going on a shopping spree, either for gifts or to treat yourself – but we all know which is more fun!

Looking for a holiday in November? Where would you like to go? Let me know in the comments below and I'll tell you a little bit about what the weather's like.

  • Claire

    I need a luxury holiday for a friends 40th, can you recommend anywhere for November. They want to go somewhere exotic and special but I don't like flying! Is there somewhere other than the the usual Spain / Italy / turkey / canaries? That isn't too long a flight? 5-6 hours max?

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi Claire. Thanks for getting in touch. Shorter flights to somewhere exotic in November are a little harder to come by as a lot of the beautiful beach destinations such as Greece etc. are getting a bit cooler at this point in the year. Have you considered Cape Verde? It's about 6 hours away and has year-round sunshine and stunning beaches - dubbed the African Caribbean! If you use the search bar above, you'll find lots of information on the islands. Thanks - Sadie 🙂

  • Tasha

    hello my name is Tasha im thinking about going on holiday to cyprus all inclusive with my two beautiful daughters

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi Tasha. Cyprus is beautiful all year round, I'm sure you and your daughters would love it! Thanks - Sadie 🙂

  • Siddharth Bharti

    Guys does anybody know if it is safe to travel to greece in Nov 2015 given their worsening economic conditions ?

    I was planning for a Turkey n Greece trip along with my wife.

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi Siddharth. Thanks for getting in touch. You can find all the information you are looking for with regards to Greece's current economic situation on the following page: . Please do note though that our summer season for Greece and many other tour operator's summer seasons come to a close at the end of October, so you may be less likely to find a package in November. The resorts will be a lot quieter and cooler too and some hotels may have closed for the winter. Hope this helps. Thanks - Sadie