Thomas Cook in China Town!

To celebrate the start of Chinese New Year and the launch of our Chinese New Year Horoscope Finder app, we took a film crew down to London’s vibrant Chinatown recently to soak up the atmosphere and showcase our app to members of the public.

We were accompanied by Steven White, a sleight of hand magician, who helped add special touch of magic to proceedings!  We first asked people if they knew what their Chinese animal was. If they didn’t, we simply typed their date of birth into the app for the answer.

Steven then told them to picture the animal in their mind as they picked a card from a deck full of random animal names.  Sometimes they pulled out the right card but if not, Steven was on hand to administer some of his unbelievable sleight of hand magic.

As you’ll see, the results took a few people by complete surprise!

Try the app for yourself here:

Happy Chinese New Year and have a healthy, wealthy and prosperous Year of the Horse!

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