Stress-Free Holiday Packing Tips

You may be one of those people who do all their packing in advance, case waiting by the door two weeks before you’re jetting off on your holidays. Or you could be on the other side of the spectrum and the plane you’re supposed to be on is taking off in 3 hours and you still haven’t packed your case. Whatever the (suit!)case, here are some great holiday packing tips which may remove all stress associated with packing.

Don’t leave your packing until the last minute - be prepared!

We are all guilty of leaving our packing until the last minute and packing the night before we jet off. However, this is a common flaw when people are preparing to go on holiday. There’s always that essential item you forget, or you find out you've over packed when you reach the airport so you’re holding up the queues to stuff as many things as you can in your hand luggage. These problems can be stopped! And all it requires is some preparation and organisation.

Create a list

Creating a list is a simple but effective tool when planning for your holiday. By downloading one from the Internet or creating one yourself you can see exactly what you need and it can really help you become more organised. This way it is impossible to forget any essential items!

Check your luggage allowance

Many people make the fatal error of misjudging how much luggage you’re actually allowed to take with you on holiday. Before you get to the airport and have to unpack half your suitcase because it’s over the allowance, just double check how many kilograms you are actually allowed to take. Also, the hand luggage allowance is usually around 5-6kg so this could be another way you can remove some of that excess weight.

Check the weather forecast

Before you jet off on holiday, a key task is to check the weather. A lot of destinations are warm in the day and become a lot cooler at night, therefore it can be handy to take something to keep you warm.


Research your hotel's facilities

Before you begin packing, why don’t you check what facilities the resort you are staying at has to offer. This can eliminate the amount of things you may need to bring from home, for instance a large amount of hotels provide hair dryers, a range of toiletries, beach towels etc.

Plan your outfits

A good tip that many people fail to do is to plan your outfits. Although it seems hard to plan something to wear a week or even two weeks in advance, it really does help remove waste.

Packing techniques

Last but not least – packing techniques! There are many different techniques when it comes to packing your suitcase. However, the most important one to save as much room as you can is to roll your clothes. You won’t believe how much room this saves until you try it, not only that but your clothes do not have a crease in site. So give it a go!


What are your top tips you do when packing your suitcase? Comment below and let us know!

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    how many suitcases for two are we allowed