How to Become a Holiday Rep

Ever fancied working abroad? Then you should consider becoming a Thomas Cook holiday rep. Every year we're looking for responsible, hardworking people who have bags of common sense, motivation and initiative - plus the natural ability to relate to our customers. You’ll work in holiday resorts in some of the world’s most stunning locations, where sunny skies, blue seas and a bright outlook come as standard. You’ll also get great holiday benefits, great career options, great training and great people to work with.

It’s brilliant fun, but it’s also hard work for six days a week. It’s certainly not nine-to-five and not everything runs like clockwork all the time - there will be a number of challenges during the course of any season!

You’ll be a very long way from your family, friends and a ‘normal’ life. However, if you've got exceptional amounts of stamina, personality and sheer enthusiasm, you’ll have the best time ever!

Our annual recruitment drive starts in November, when we open our online applications.

If that application is successful, you’ll be contacted and invited to one of our assessment days in January, February or March.

There we’ll find out more about you through group and individual activities and a one to one interview. You’ll have the opportunity to find out more about us and what life overseas is like. We’ll also let you know about some of the preparation in advance.

We will need you to show us great presentation skills, an excellent customer service attitude and a commercial mind set. Any extra languages you would speak are of course an advantage.

The recruitment process finishes with seven days of intensive training and if you are successful within that process, you will join one of our many teams in destination - where you will be expected to work hard to ensure that you treat every customer as your number one priority. You will need to continuously strive to look at ways you can go that extra mile to ensure you leave a fantastic lasting impression of Thomas Cook and exceed every customer’s expectations of a perfect holiday. In return for all your hard work, you will have the opportunity to live and work in a number of fantastic destinations, and you will meet a number of new friends and colleagues along the way from all works of life - some of whom will remain close friends for many years to come. You’ll also experience different cultures and ways of working as you travel and work in different destinations. You may only want to be in destination for one summer or you may decide you want a career within Thomas Cook - either way you will receive great training throughout your time in destination, along with the opportunity to move into other roles at the end of the summer season. You can even choose to be part of our in–house career progression scheme ‘Step Up’, which will equip you with the skills to lead our international overseas teams yourself.

Brand - Thomas Cook - Rep (3)If you display the right attitude and skills then this will allow you to choose your own destiny within Thomas Cook. Every day is a different day in destination and you never know what to expect when you pull back your blinds to a beautiful sunrise, and this is what draws us all to working overseas.

More information and online applications can be submitted through

  • Sian Marie Devine

    Definitely something I would consider. Out of curiosity do you chose where you're based or are you just sent somewhere?

  • Eleigha-may

    how old do you have to be a holiday rep?

  • Chloe Caffrey

    Omg! This job fits me to a DOUBLE TT!!! Am
    All for fun and have a ball Everyone wants to enjoy there hols I can definitely do this job role wens the foam party start 👌🏻✌🏼😜😜😜

    • Daniie

      This is nothing like that that's the wrong kind of job. This is 12 hour days 6 days a week sometimes 7 days a week dealing with delays at the airport getting everyone to and from the airport and their hotels dealing with everyone's complains having to do welcome meetings to groups a as big as 100 every morning having to sell trips and do the accounting for it all and then your on call on your one day off of your needed. It's not the party lifestyle at all you barely have tome to sleep. If you're after the party lifestyle apply with playawayabroad or ace holidays or magalufrecruit they're all amazing as well but totally different. They offer thre party lifestyle, this job does not. Speaking from experience as I've done both 🙂

      • Sofí

        Was it hard to get into working abroad through playawayabroad?

  • Nabil Gamal

    accepts people out side UK?

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  • aimee

    I am looking to be a rep over in turkey when i finish my gcse's i was wondering if you could just stay in one place every season or do you have to keep changing every year?

  • Sky

    Mark Warner's superior and far easy to get in to. Lol

  • Shannon Galvin

    I'm looking in to applying to be a Rep over in Turkey. I'm just wanting to know can I apply without any experience or do I need certain qualifications to do this sort of career. Also can you pick the destination you want to work in.


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  • Annalise.

    If you apply in November and are successful, what month at the latest can you start working abroad?

    • Aleksandra S

      Their full season usually starts in may and ends in October which is 6 months, their high season is usually 4 months and won't start until June, maybe earlier maybe later depending on the destination.

  • Imstarr Shaban

    id like to work aboard sounds intresting

    • Sadie Geoghegan

      Hi Imstarr. Thanks for getting in touch. You should definitely check our career pages if you're interested. I'm sure you'd love it! Thanks - Sadie 🙂

  • Gary Peter Franks

    how do i apply please

  • Kirsty

    Hi, When's the latest time you can start working as a destination rep? I've already applied but I have a holiday booked and I'm just wondering if this will interfere and what the schedule/timeframe is of the process?

  • Emma

    Should I stay on for more education to become a children's rep or get out there

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  • Charlotte luxford

    Any one no any details about working in gumbet bodrum. As a rep ??

  • K

    If I'm 17 now but will be 18 in June and I'm applying for the late starter to begin in July will that be ok because I will be 18 when the job starts?

    • Ben

      I believe the latest time you can start for summer season is the beginning of June.

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  • ShubnAb

    I wanna work hear

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  • kate

    I am 35 and have a house in cyprus and currently live and work in the uk but would like to emigrate eventually - Is it possible to apply and request a local destination?

  • Ryan Priest

    If you get the job, when do you first start ?

  • Lauren Keyworth

    Hi really interested in this... So what do I do next to apply... Thanks Lauren

  • Jade White-Doyle

    Wow, video looks great! I would love to become a holiday rep... what a dream <3

  • Trisha

    I would love the chance to be a holiday rep. At the moment I am only 17 would I still be able to apply or have to wait another year? I will be 18 in June. Also what qualifications would be needed? Thank you

  • emma

    could anyone help me in finding out how to apply for a thomas cook rep?

  • Katie Eustace

    Do you have to be 18 to apply for an abroad job, because I'm in education until I turn 18 but would love to start working abroad as soon as I can!

  • Lauren

    Sounds amazing Id definitely be up for working with Thomas Cook

  • Steven Mcpherson

    is the work all year round or only for the summer?

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi Steven. We have both summer and winter resorts, so there is the possibility of repping all year round. Thanks - Sadie

      • K

        Hi Sadie if I'm 17 now but will be 18 when the job starts can I still apply ? Thankyou 🙂

  • Kieran McNamara

    What age do you have to be to become a rep?

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi Kieran. Thanks for getting in touch. The minimum age to become a holiday rep is 18. Thanks - Sadie

      • Samy Saint

        Hi Sadie,i have almost 10 years experience in the entertainment business and i have lived for almost 8 years in England so i believe that i speak very good English.
        I currently live in morocco and i would really appreciate any advice on how to apply for a job with Thomas cook.

        Thank you.

        • Sadie Geoghegan

          Hi Samy, thanks for getting in touch. Please check out our careers website for more information: Thanks - Sadie

  • staceylee

    Hi I'd love to apply for this but I'm looking abroad work all year round not just for the summer period is that possible thanks

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi staceylee. We have both summer and winter resorts, so there is the possibility of repping all year round. Thanks - Sadie

  • Oh my goodness, I'm considering thinking about applying for a career as a holiday rep, it feels exciting and daunting, but sometimes one has to try ideas out of their comfort zone. I would love to work in Kephalonia for example, it would be very new and fresh for me, but I honestly feel I could do this ?

  • kirsty

    Is there any chance that 2 people would be able to rep together, visit the different placements as a pair?

    • SadieGeoghegan

      Hi Kirsty. Thanks for getting in touch. It is unlikely that two people will be able to rep together (doing the job of one person). But if you both apply and are successful, there is the possibility of being placed in the same resort. Hope this helps. Thanks - Sadie

  • Char Bez

    Is it November the applications have to be handed in or is that when we can first receive the application?

  • Ben

    Who should I ask to become a rep