Guide to Mexico Holidays

Renowned for its colourful, spicy food, sizzling sunshine and party atmosphere, a holiday to Mexico is bound to awaken the senses - all five of them! Of course the crisp white sandy beaches are one of Mexico's biggest attractions and the warm, calm Caribbean Sea is inviting for holidaymakers of all ages.

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But it's not just about chilling out on a sun lounger with a Margarita in hand - the nightlife is pumping! You'll find anything from international DJs to typical Mexican entertainment and you can also uncover Mexico's captivating heritage by visiting the many ancient Mayan civilisation must-sees, such as the famous temples of Tulum.

Mexico Holidays Factfile

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Top Hotels and Resorts

Set against the inviting Caribbean Sea at the north eastern tip of the Yucatán Peninsula, Cancun is one of Mexico's biggest and most contemporary personalities. Brimming with beach parties, shops, restaurants, bars and clubs - including the legendary Coco Bongos - this place is not for the faint-hearted. But it's not just a magnet for the 24-hour party crowd, there's a magnificent 20-mile stretch of sand to enjoy.

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Those who want to make the most of the Caribbean coastline minus Cancun's energetic party vibe should venture slightly south into the Riviera Maya, which offers a varied collection of resorts from the more established Playa del Carmen to the peaceful Playa Paraiso. Surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and with its own secluded white beach, Playa Paraiso offers a tranquil alternative to Mexico's busier resorts - as well as a new 18-hole golf course - and is also just 30 minutes from Cancun and 15 minutes from Playa del Carmen if you want to experience a slice of the nightlife.

Attractions and Things To Do

Visit Tulum

It's no wonder Tulum is one of the most photographed spots in Mexico. The ruins of this ancient Mayan city, perched on a cliff above the Caribbean Sea, are a must-see on any Mexico holiday. Here you'll find the castle-like shrine called Castillo and the aptly-named Temple of Frescoes.

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Snorkel around Contoy Island

Considered Mexico's hidden secret, only handful of people are allowed onto Contoy Island each day so it never gets crowded. The shallow waters that surround it are home to spectacular coral reefs and thousands of tropical fish so get your snorkel on and dip your head under.

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Party at Coco Bongo

For those who like a good night out, you can't go on holiday to Mexico without experiencing the wonders of the country's most famous nightclub. The disco-come-theatre mixes dancefloor classics with Cirque du Soleil-style shows and music legend impersonators.

Average Temperature and Rainfall

Mexico really is a year-round holiday destination, both its Pacific and Caribbean coastlines are warm even in winter, when it's rare for temperatures to drop below 20 degrees Celsius. The hottest months are between May to September, but the scorching temperatures are interspersed with short, sharp bursts of rain, which tend to cool things down.