Top things to do in Dubrovnik – 7 must-see places

You’ll be forgiven if you don’t know very much about our new Croatia destination, Dubrovnik Coast. Its combination of beautiful countryside, quiet seaside and bustling city life means that Croatia holidays to this part of the country provide something for everyone. You’ve probably heard about the historic city within this region but hopefully, I’m also going to introduce you to some new things to do in Dubrovnik and the surrounding areas. This is why I think the stunning towns, villages and islands of Croatia’s Dubrovnik Coast are all well worth a visit.

1) Dubrovnik Old Town   

One for the history buffs, the whole of this walled old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  You’ll want to make sure you’ve got your camera ready once you’ve walked to the highest point of its chunky stone walls as you’ll see some incredible views across the Adriatic and the rest of the city. If you’re a ‘Thronie’ (and be honest, who isn’t watching Game Of Thrones?) you’ll recognise beautiful Dubrovnik Old Town as King’s Landing.

2) Babin Kuk

Although still part of Dubrovnik, I think Babin Kuk deserves its own mention. If like me you can get a bit overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the city, you’ll want to visit Babin Kuk for a bit of a break. It’s a bit more relaxed and feels a million miles away from the Old Town, when in fact it’s just 4km away. I spent a lot of time on Copacabana Beach sunning myself on the pebbles and paddling in the shallow waters to cool off.

3) Cavtat

Cavtat has a bit of a rustic feel but at the same time is totally charming. Its maze of narrow streets can make you feel like you’re in a labyrinth at times but you can end up stumbling onto a local gem, just like I did when I found the home of late Croatian painter, Vlaho Bukovac. One of the highlights for me was walking around the harbour. I pulled up a chair at one of the waterfront cafés to watch the boats bob around the sparkling waters.

4) Lopud Island

Visiting Lopud Island is one of my favourite things to do in Dubrovnik and its surrounding areas. As the island is completely car free, you’ll have to make sure you’ve got enough energy to walk around. Although, I was able to walk from one side to another in around 30 minutes, as it isn’t a very big island, with less than 300 locals living there.

5) Mlini

You’ll fall in love with Mlini as soon as you arrive; I know I did. Rugged mountains, hundred of pine and cypress trees, and sandy bays, it’s a paradise for nature lovers. I got a bit snap-happy whilst I was here but with its multicoloured pastel buildings topped with terracotta roofs, quaint stone bridges and old flour mills, you’ll want to make sure you capture your own lasting memory.

6) Orasac

The ancient village of Orasac is one of the Dubrovnik Coast’s oldest settlements so people around here like to do things the traditional way. One of those ways is by getting food from local markets with farmers and growers bringing their produce right to the heart of the village centre. I bought some of the homemade cheeses and a bottle of wine made from the grapes of local vineyards and they were both delicious.

7) Slano

Slano is full of natural beauty and you have to go out into it to fully appreciate it. One of the best ways to see the area is by hiring a bike. Your two wheels can take you anywhere on the island but I would suggest taking it through the pine forests and out by the olive groves, it’s a stunning route.

Which place would you like to visit on the Dubrovnik Coast? Or have you been before? What's your favourite thing to do in Dubrovnik? Let me know in the comments.