Happy Mother's Day: Last minute gift ideas

By now, most of you should be aware that Mother's Day is just around the corner. However, for those of you who aren't so in the know, I apologise now if this blog post sends you into Mother's Day panic. But don't worry; it's not too late to sort out the perfect gift for your mum this Sunday.

For all you last minute gift-buyers out there, I've come up with four thoughtful Mother's Day gift ideas that'll beat the predictable box of chocolates and bunch of flowers.

1) A theatre break

What could be more exciting than hopping on a train and spending a weekend in the Big Smoke? You and your mum can indulge in a spot of retail therapy along Oxford Street, before grabbing a delicious bite to eat at a trendy restaurant. Then, bring your day to the perfect close with an unforgettable show at one of London’s West End theatres. Whether your mum wants to feel part of the pride at The Lion King, sing-along to all the classics in Mama Mia! or be moved by Les Misérables; there’s a perfect theatre break for her. And you too, of course.

2) A spa break


There’s no better way to thank your mum for all that she does for you than by sending her on a relaxing spa break. Let her unwind and be pampered with a soothing massage or an invigorating facial treatment to the sound of gentle music and the smell of calming scents. She’ll return home feeling refreshed, energised and ever thankful for your thoughtful gift. But what’s more? Play your cards right and she may even want to take you along with her! It’d be the perfect opportunity for the two of you to enjoy some quality time together.

3) A sport break


Maybe your mum wants nothing more than to see her favourite team do well? Then give her the chance to feel part of the action amongst the crowd on her very own sport break. Perhaps tennis is her thing and she’d love the chance to take her seat on Centre Court to watch the pros at Wimbledon? Or does she love the thrill and excitement of Formula 1? In which case, a trip to Silverstone would be right up her…track. Sports breaks are a fun and exciting gift idea, which could see your mum witnessing something spectacular.

4) A dream getaway


Okay, so I’m not saying you should just go out and pay for an amazing holiday for your mum. I mean, that would be incredible, but it’s a little extreme for some, wouldn’t you say? But if your mum’s always dreamt of a weekend city break to Paris, Venice or some other exciting destination, you could always do your bit to make that dream a reality. You could even donate towards a week in the sun, so when she’s outstretched on her sun lounger, sipping on a refreshing cocktail, she’ll know that you’re partly to thank for the opportunity.

All of these experiences can be bought with a Thomas Cook Gift Card, giving your mum the freedom to choose the one that’s right for her. You can buy a Thomas Cook Gift Card either online or instore. You just need to choose the amount that you want to give, and then ask your mum to take it instore to redeem it. Hands up if you’re the favourite child!

What have you bought for your mum this Mother’s Day? Have you considered a gift card before? Let me know in the comments below.