Meet the Experts: A Day in the Lives of Lollo & Bernie

I’m sure we all agree that holidays are about spending quality time with your family and loved ones. But I’m also fairly sure that some of you mums and dads out there might admit to enjoying a bit of peace and quiet while on your much needed holiday, too. Am I right? If so, that’s where our friends, Lollo & Bernie, come in.

The mascots of our Thomas Cook Kids’ Clubs; the cuddly giraffe and bubbly bear love making new friends. Their job is to keep your little ones entertained; playing games, having fun and taking them on exciting new adventures. I thought you and your kids might like to learn a little more about this mischievous pair before going on your family holiday, so let them tell you all about a typical day in their lives. 

Name: Lollo (a giraffe) & Bernie (a bear).

Job title: Mascots and children’s entertainers in Thomas Cook Kids' Clubs.

Our typical day involves: We wake up early to make sure we’re ready for the children joining us in the Kids’ Club. We work as part of the Kids’ Club team to make sure each child has a great day, from organising a treasure hunt to teaching the children the famous Lollo & Bernie dance.

We’re really active throughout the day and love dancing. When you’re entertaining so many energetic children it’s hard to keep still, so we’re always on the go! We love meeting all the new children who join the club each week; we just want to make sure they have a fun-filled holiday.

When the children in the Kids’ Club are finished playing for the day and leave for dinner, we like to spend our evenings listening to music or watching any films with giraffes or bears in them! If we aren’t doing that, we’ll be planning what games we’ll be playing with the children in the Kids’ Club for the next day.


The first thing we do when we get to work is: Make sure we’ve got plenty of games to play throughout the day.

Our daily duties involve: Having fun! We’re based at several of Thomas Cook’s own hotels and our main priority is making sure that all the children have a great time on holiday; playing games, making friends and, most importantly, teaching them the Lollo & Bernie dance. We run around a lot to make it to each Kids’ Club every day, but we do love to travel!

We’ve been in the job for: As long as we can remember! 

We became a children’s entertainer because: We love making children happy. The hotels we’re based in provide a huge range of activities for children aged 0-12, from aqua mini-discos and sandcastle building to throwing birthday parties for Lollo!


The most rewarding part of our job is: Seeing all the children having a good time in the hotel and at the Kids’ Club; laughing, playing and making friends. We know that holidays are the best weeks of a family’s year, so it’s important that we get it right.

The most challenging part of our job is: Saying goodbye to the children who’ve participated in the Kids’ Club. Even though new children join us each week, it’s still always sad to say to goodbye.

Our favourite destination is: Anywhere hot! The hotels we visit are in beautiful, sunny locations. In particular, we love the Sunwing Resort Fanabe in Tenerife as it’s always warm and it’s right by the beach.


The most common thing we are asked is: Does our fur make it too hot to dance all day? (No, we love dancing too much to worry about that!)

The worst thing that’s happened at work is: When we run out of ice cream!

To relax we like to: Go fishing, watch movies or read a book.  We even have a Movie Team in our Kids’ Clubs, so the children can chill out watching their favourite films whilst giving their mums and dads a break too.

Where are you thinking of taking the family on holiday this year? Would you like to meet Lollo & Bernie at one of our Thomas Cook Kids’ Clubs? Let me know in the comments below.

  • Rotem

    Soon good but in fact the kids club in Pelagos suites hotel in Kos doesn't let kids that doesn't speak English, German, etc enter! Happens to be that my kids speak a different language... I guess they must be punished