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Before You Go

What to Pack

What we wear on holiday is so important - but how do you strike the balance between what you want and what you'll actually wear? How to get there without spending your first day ironing and avoiding those "If only I'd brought...." moments? These tips should help without making you feel like you're planning a military operation!

Your Passport

Passports and Maps

It goes without saying that you need your passport. However, what would you do if you ran into trouble and lost it? Take a photocopy of your passport and keep it safe in your luggage somewhere in case your passport is lost/stolen, then you will have all your details to hand. Alternatively email yourself essential information such as your passport number and insurance policy number just in case you need to access them quickly if you run into problems.

Spread Out

When packing for your holiday, if you are travelling with a partner or family and have more than one case, make sure that you mix the clothing in different cases, then if one of your cases is lost or delayed, everyone will at least have something to wear. Even if you are travelling on your own, try and pack at least one change of clothes in your hand luggage.

Good Guide

Invest in a good guide book to help you make the most of your time away, Thomas Cook have a wide range of guides in store and online. Whether you're planning a long-haul holiday, city break, regional tour or short-haul trip you'll find our guides are invaluable for all kinds of practical information on transport, sightseeing, eating out, history and culture.

Guide Books

Get it Together

Put together a travel first aid kit - obviously the more remote the region you are visiting, the more comprehensive this will be. Even on a short-haul holiday it is worth taking a few plasters, a spray-on antiseptic, condoms etc. As well as remedies for indigestion, headaches, sore throats and tummy bugs which, even if only minor, can impact your holiday.

It's a Wrap

Suitcases on Airport Carousel

Pack your important clothes in plastic so that you won't need to iron them once you get there. Recycle the packaging that you get from the dry cleaners to wrap these items of clothing. It takes a bit longer to pack but it really works and saves time waiting for hotel irons.

Thomas Cook Team Tip - Packing

Save on excess baggage by using small containers of shampoo and conditioner and there will be the perfect amount for your holiday. Another great alternative to taking a lot of hair gel/ wax - just put some in an empty film canister!

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