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Pambos Magic Studios Cyprus, Ayia Napa

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Pambos Magic is renowned in Ayia Napa for being the party capital, with 2 swimming pools and a 24-hour pool bar serving up refreshing cocktails all summer. Plus, the Pambos plays host to the Aqua nightclub after-party. It's the only option for those who love to party around the clock. 


  • Two pools
  • Sun terrace
  • 24hr pool bar
  • 24hr reception
  • Mini-market
  • Gym
  • Wi-Fi*
  • Internet cafe
  • Pool table

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Perfect 18-30's hotel for constant partying Just back for Pambos this morning and looking into going back for a week next month cant describe how amazing it was, the best two weeks of my life. Me and another 11 girls all aged 18 went looking for partying, drnking, fun and constant atmosphere and we certainly got it. The maids were in every seconds day changing bed and cleaning, the rooms are basic but lets face it the only time you should be in it is for sleeping. The location is perfect you ste outside walk 10feet and your at the start of he strip. I recommend getting the package the reps offer you as it keeps you doing smething new everyday and the reps were amazing,really helpful and great fun. My highligts were Kandi beach party, watching example on a private beach, th boat party and just the general banter around the pool and on the strip. Its reasonable for food and buying drink ut can be a little pricey on the strip but you are usually offered reasonable deals to go into bars. Also the music is amazing from dubstep to indie, pop, rnb, house and hiphop it had clubs and bars for everyone. by far the est two weeks of my life. July 19, 2012
PAMBOS TRAGIC I have never written a review in my life but I feel like I had to with this hotel to warn everyone who wants to go here.....DONT!!!!!!!!!!!! Every year a group of me and 4 girls go away on an 18-30's holiday. We have been to Magaluf and Malia before so we know we don’t expect much from the hotel but this hotel is discusting. On the 1st night we complained because our rooms were dirty, unsafe and completely opposite ends of the hotel, the useless lady at reception told us there was nothing she could do because all rooms were taken. So we paid to get a safe and put everything valuable in there. The rooms were hardly ever cleaned and we were unable to sit on the balcony because there was a massive wasp nest outside. Our rooms were up 3 flights of stairs with no lighting, so walking back to our rooms was so dangerous. I have never been anywhere in my whole life and felt so unsafe, there was absolutely no security. On the 4th night my friends room got broken into (although there was no damaged door so the person must have had a key) they stole over £1000 worth of stuff. Ipods, phones, cameras, money, ipod speakers, louis vitton bag etc (they also managed to rip the very unsecure safe off the wall.) As soon as we saw what happened we went to reception to ring the police and the reception lady wouldn’t let us and said we had to pay!!!!! (bearing in mind all out money was taken) she was useless and just wrote out name in a book where there was a list of other people who had also been broken into this month. We then found out our one room key opened over 5 other doors in the hotel, but if you wanted to break in all you had to do was go to reception and as for a random door key and they would give it to you. We met lots of people who agreed the room was unsafe, another group of girls woke up to a man standing at the end of their bed 2 nights running. I seriously cannot believe how this hotel is still open to the public and they should pay you to stay here because it’s that disgusting. We were not the only people who got robbed that night, there was many more, and they all feel the same as us. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone especially girls because it is sooooo unsafe and we will never be travelling with Thomas cook or 18-30’s again because it was a complete rip off. Please take my advice and never go here, unless you want to go to a dirty hotel, and get robbed and spoken to like you’re a piece of dirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! August 27, 2011
Worst Hotel EVER!!! DO NOT GO TO THIS HOTEL! This is the worst hotel my friends and i have ever stayed at. When reading this review you will probably think i am over-reacting but i am not. Firstly we booked and PAYED for 3 rooms but when arrived only got 2! On first sightings of the room it had clearly not been cleaned properly! There was dried spagetti around the sink and nail clippings in the sink! Under the bed was a flip flop and even a used condoms. The bed looked like it hadnt been made. Room 2, there was water all over the floor which was coming from the toilet. Straight away we complained to reception, all they do is take you room number and note it down in the book, which ONE maintenance man comes once a day at a certain time, looks at the book and proioritises the list of complaits and does what he can in the short time he is there. Surely with the size of the hotel there should be onsite maintenance and more than one maintenance man?? After complaining serveral times a man came to the room to fix the toilet. Failing this he just wrapped a towel around the toilet! We spent the whole week with a flooded bathroom! we complained everytime we passed the reception, but all that ever happens is that it is noted and told someone will come. On the second day of our hoilday we discovered that there was a gas leak in the room. In the room there is a printed sign stating what to do if you discover gas. Which is to report to reception straight away and do not stay in the room. Again we told reception and you guessed it again it was noted. We would complain about the gas leak 3 times a day. Reception said it had been noted and the maintenance man has priorities the jobs and it wasn't proirity. Surely Isn't a gas leak a serious problem and people die from inhaling gas?!? Obviously not in cyprus. It wasnt til a 18-30's rep came to the corridor and smelt gas. She knocked and said she smelt gas and we shouldn't be in the room. After telling her we had told reception numerous times, she said she would get it sorted. 3 days of our holiday we squeezed 6 people into 1 room which slept 3 people which had a flooded toilet. After 3 days someone came to fix it! We payed for air con which when everytime we returned to our rooms, it was never switched on. We had to go back to reception and ask for it on. Surely if you pay for the week it should be on! Everytime we went passed reception there was always someone complaining! Reception was very unhelpful, there seemed like they didn't care! The 18-30 reps were quite helpful but still took ages to be sorted. I went to Aiya Napa last year and it was my best holiday so far, this year it was total oppostite! I would not recommend this hotel to my worst enemy , let alone a friend! I feel sorry for anyone who is going there or stayed there. We were very DISGUSTED with the hotel and we will now think twice before booking with Thomas Cook or Club 18-30s again. July 21, 2011
Ayiamaziiing! Dont listen to the 'bad' reviews! i read them before i went and was worried my holiday was going to be ruined! wish i never read them because it was mega.. the rooms dont look as big and as nice as the photo but it doesnt matter your only in there when you get ready and sleep and you dont do much sleeping the clubs are open till the next day! i am definatley going again this year or next. As soon as you walk out of the hotel the night life is there Pambos Magic is the main meeting point for the other hotels on the reps outings......amazing hol :) again? yes please! January 12, 2011
Poor Accommodation poor accommodation, i wouldn't stay there again. October 4, 2010
fabulous girly hol pambos magic.. one word.. BRILLIANT!! it is not for those wanting a relaxing break...2 great pools 1 for chilling.. other playing gr8 tunes n pool bar til the early hrs... great location a minutes walk to all the restaurants bars n clubs... made some great friends 24 hour party atmosphere reps were lovely so were hotel staff.would recomend this hotel n holiday to anyone under 30.. rooms were basic but everything u need i must add tho i would recomend paying for the air con it kept our room ice cool in the sweltering heat.. lovely :) i will definately consider going back. May 13, 2010

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